It is important that people understand how we depend on natural resources and learn to use them wisely. When this lesson is presented in a park setting, it is an enjoyable experience. Environmentally Significant Areas within Toronto’s natural heritage system are protected because they provide important ecological functions. They filter the air and water, cool the city in the summer, and help prevent flooding by absorbing storm water. Description The abandoned but restored buildings of the brickworks give an idea of the scale of use of local clay that produced bricks for many of Toronto’s buildings for almost 100 years.

 Now this industrial site has been converted to other functions of natural capital, including cleaning the air and water. It is also an educational site with important ecological features. The former quarry on the site now boasts a wetland, wild flower meadows, and a forest habitat. It also contributes to the Don Valley Watershed in terms of water management and fishing. Don Valley Brick Works Park is one of the city’s most valuable environmentally significant protected areas located in the heart of the Lower Don River watershed. 

What to see and do here The park showcases a variety of features where visitors can enjoy nature and learn about the park's history, restoration and ecological importance. Visit the Brick Works education centre, located in one of the 16 historic buildings on site or take a look of the TD Future Cities Centre that displays ideas and solutions on thriving and sustainable cities from across Canada and the world. Learn about the use of natural materials, environmental activities and sustainability. Outside, view Pleistocene geology in the exposed glacial and fossil deposits on site. Stroll through Carolinian trees and plants, as well as a wildflower meadow. Take one of the guided Saturday tours, from May through September.

History/Culture The Don Valley Brick works is known historically as a quarry where the vibrant industry of brick-making thrived back in the 1800’s. It was established in 1889 by William Taylor and his brothers John and George Taylor, as they made use of the rich clay deposits that were found in the area. Over the century the Brick Works was responsible for approximately 43 million bricks in its peak year and was the building material for many of Toronto’s important buildings. The Brick Works changed owners a number of times throughout the century and closed its doors in 1984. Restoration of the site began in 1994 and it was opened to the public in 1997. Nearby community features Evergreen Brick Works Centre, Todmorden Mills Heritage Site. Bus: 550 Bayview Ave, Stop ID: 14494. TTC 28 Evergreen Shuttle departs from Corner of Erindale Ave and Broadview Ave Parking: 3 parking lots on-site, managed by TargetPark Inc. Paid parking is in effect 7 days a week. No parking is allowed on Bayview Avenue. Website: Location: 550 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4W 3X8. Coordinates: 43°41'15.0"N 79°21'55.8"W